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Best Speculative Fiction of 2008

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Jan. 8th, 2009 | 08:36 am

Below: the TOC for my entirely hypothetical, never-to-be-published Best Speculative Fiction of 2008. (It would prefer if you regarded it as a highbrow, pomo sort of collection, in the sense that it's very cleverly spread out among other books and websites.) I've obviously not read as widely as the editors of the, you know, bound and purchasable anthologies, but I do think it'd be a pretty badass volume.


Kris Dikeman – Nine Sundays in a Row (Strange Horizons)

Geoff Ryman – The Film-makers of Mars (Tor.com)

Paolo Bacigalupi – The Gambler (Fast Forward 2)

Ken Scholes – Invisible Empire of Ascending Light (Eclipse Two)

Kris Dikeman – Dearest Cecily (LCRW 22)

Leah Bobet – Kimberley Ann Duray Is Not Afraid (Strange Horizons)

Corie Ralston – Looking for Friendship, Maybe More (Strange Horizons)

Paolo Bacigalupi – Pump Six (F&SF)

Charlie Jane Anders – Love Might Be Too Strong a Word (LCRW 22)

William Alexander – Ana's Tag (LCRW 23)

Kelly Link – The Surfer (The Starry Rift)

Ted Chiang – Exhalation (Eclipse Two)


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